• Watch for your benefits enrollment notification, which will be mailed to you from the AECOM Benefits Service Center within two weeks of your hire date. It will explain what you need to do to elect your benefits.
  • Make your benefit elections within 31 days of your hire date. Log in, select Are you a new user? and follow the prompts to register, and then check your Notification Center for enrollment instructions.
  • If you elect benefits for a dependent, you’ll be asked to confirm their eligibility by providing a copy of a document, such as a marriage or birth certificate. You can submit the document after you enroll.
  • You will be automatically enrolled at a 1% contribution level for your 401(k) account in the Retirement & Savings Plan (RSP). You may want to contribute more to receive the full company matching contribution and reach your savings goals.
  • Start contributing to the Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP).
  • Register for certain benefits now, so they’ll be set up and ready for you to use at a moment’s notice.
  • Download helpful benefits apps.
  • Provide your beneficiary information.
  • Are you joining AECOM on an international assignment?

If you have a spouse/domestic partner: