All of AECOM’s national medical plan carriers (Aetna, Cigna and UnitedHealthcare) and most of the regional carriers include a telemedicine service. Telemedicine lets you consult with a doctor day or night by phone, text, email or video chat. You can talk to a physician about any non-emergency health issue, including colds, flu, allergies and more. When needed, you can also receive an e-prescription, even in the middle of the night (subject to state laws). In most cases, appointments will be arranged in an hour or less.

Your cost for a consultation is less than $50 in all the plans, which applies to your deductible (if applicable), and is significantly less than the average cost of a doctor’s office visit.

Be sure to register for your carrier’s telemedicine service, so it’s available if you’re in a bind — in the middle of the night, as you’re rushing off to work or when you or a family member gets sick on vacation — whenever you need quick medical advice.