You’ll find most of the benefits information you need here on this site, by logging in or by calling the carrier directly. But when you need personalized one-on-one benefits assistance, connect with our FREE Advocacy Service.

Our trained Advocates can:

  • Help you consider which health plan will best meet your needs
  • Find a network specialist in your area
  • Assist with medical billing questions
  • Answer questions about medications and explain your treatment options
  • Help you compare the AECOM plans with other plans (such as your spouse’s/domestic partner’s employer-provided plans)
  • Assist with all other AECOM benefits (Retirement, Life Insurance, Disability, etc.).

To reach an Advocate, call the AECOM Benefits Service Center at 844.779.9567 (+ 1 312.843.5091 outside the U.S.) and press the prompt for the Advocacy Service.