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Wellness Activities and Points

Participate in activities that reinforce good choices, be well and earn wellness rewards. Be sure to record your completed activities on the wellness website by August 31, 2020.*

Health Assessment
Early Bird: Complete by March 31, 2020 25
Complete April 1 – August 31, 2019 15
Biometric Screening
On-site screening (employees only, begin early 2020) 20
Quest lab
Physician Results Form (for screenings September 2019 through August 31, 2020)
Healthy Biometric Screening Outcomes
Blood Pressure ≤ 140/90 5 per healthy outcome
Glucose – ≤ 100 fasting OR ≤ 140 non-fasting
Total Cholesterol/Cholesterol Ratio – Total cholesterol ≤ 200 OR cholesterol ratio ≤ 5.00
BMI/Waist Measurement – BMI: 18.5 – 30 OR Waist: ≤ 35″ for women/ ≤ 40″ for men
Telephonic or Virtual Coaching Calls
Speak with a StayWell Health Coach 3 or more times on the same topic (preferably a month apart but specific schedule to be set with your Coach) 30
Participate in one coaching session between March 1 and June 30 10
Coach Chat
Use the coaching chat function to chat with a Health Coach on at least 3 separate occasions via the StayWell app or desktop Dashboard 10
Complete any 9 Sessions on various health topics (a new Session released each month) 45
Steps Challenge: 1 Million Steps 10
Steps Challenge: 2 Million Steps – complete an additional 1 milllion steps 10
Strength Training Challenge 20
Fruits and Vegetables Challenge 20
Building Resilience
Total Brain – Take assessment, complete 10 exercises and post-assessment 10
eMindful – Participate in the 10-week Stress Less, Live More program OR 10 Mindful Daily Sessions 10
Livongo Diabetes Program
Register and complete your first glucose check on your Livongo meter 10
Financial Well-being
Save It! – Begin contributing to a 401(k) account or increase current contribution by 1% or more (employees only) 5
Financial Well-Being Workshop/Webinar Participation – Attend a workshop or webinar 5
Merrill Lynch: Advice Access – Get specific, personalized recommendations to help you reach your retirement goal (employees only) 5
Gradifi Learning Center – Learn how you can enhance your financial well-being 5
Healthy Activity Your Own Way
5K/10K Run/Walk, Sports League or Exercise Regularly 3x/week 10
Licensed Weight Loss Program 10
Half Marathon, Marathon or Triathlon 20
Try 3 recipes (available in the Resources section of the wellness website) 5
Try a workout video once a week for a month (available in the Resources section of the wellness website) 5
Benefits Services Max: 10
GuidanceResources – Access on-demand training 5
AECOM Corporate Responsibility initiative or community event 5
Global Well-Being Activity Participation (employees only) 5
Global Well-Being Virtual Activity Participation5
Submit a story on WellBeingAtAECOM.com5
Inclusion & Diversity event 5
Safety Training
Safety Training Course (employees only) 5
CPR/AED Training Course 5
Flu Shot
For vaccine received September 1, 2019 – March 31, 2020 5
Get Connected
Download the Provata VR app by StayWell “Guided Meditation & Mindfulness” to experience the benefits of better mental health via virtual reality 5
Download the My StayWell app from the App Store or Google Play 5
Create a shortcut to AECOMbenefits.com 5
Sign up for benefits text message alerts 5
Use Daylight or Sleepio for one week5
Share photos of your favorite well-being moments on Instagram, Twitter or the wellness website or email them to wellness@aecom.com 5
Well-Being Competitions
Hydration Challenge 25
Brain Break 25
Wellness Volunteer Participation (employees only)
Check with your Wellness Ambassador to see how you can support wellness efforts at your location 10

*If, due to the pandemic response, an activity (e.g., a sports league, 5k walk/run, marathon, community event, CPR training) has been cancelled, your intention matters, and you may go ahead and report that activity to earn the related wellness points.