Biometric screening numbers are good indicators of your overall current health and can act as warning signs of potential health risks, such as hypertension, heart disease or diabetes.

Wellness points

Earn 30 wellness points for getting a biometric screening.

Additional Fit Pass points 

If at least three of your biometric screening results meet healthy targets, you receive 5 Fit Pass points for each result that falls within the healthy range — for a total of 15 Fit Pass points. If all four of your biometric screening results meet healthy targets, you earn 5 points for each result plus 20 Fit Pass Bonus points — for a total of 40 Fit Pass points.

Receive a FREE biometric screening in one of three ways:

  1. Attend a free on-site biometric screening, if available at your AECOM location (employees only) in February and March 2019. On-site biometric screenings are administered by Quest Diagnostics, a StayWell® lab partner.
  2. Go to a participating Quest Lab between January 1 and August 30, 2019. The cost will be covered by AECOM.
  3. Visit your doctor. You can submit biometric screening results received since October 1, 2018. First, download your Physician Results Form from your wellness account. You may fax the completed form OR ask your doctor’s office to fax the form for you (an office visit fee may apply). Forms must be faxed or electronically uploaded by August 30, 2019 to receive credit.

For more information, see the Screening FAQ.

Ready to schedule your biometric screening?

Get started by selecting the applicable login button below. Once in the wellness website, click the Programs tab, then the Screenings tile and choose the link for one of three options – 1. On-site Screenings, 2. Lab Screenings or 3. Physician Results Form. You may need to enter your zip code or other personal information, review, then save and click “Get Started.” Once you select “Participate Now,” you can schedule your screening or download your unique Physicians Result Form by following the prompts.

* When you log in to your personalized benefits account, you will be automatically logged in to the wellness website where you can see your personal information and record your activities. After login, select the Wellness at AECOM tile.
** Log in to the wellness website directly.