AECOM provides Paid Time Off (PTO), so you can have time away from work for rest and renewal. You earn PTO based on years of service, according to the schedule below. If you don’t use all of your PTO, you can carry over up to two times your maximum annual accrual amount to the next year.

Years of Service Annual Paid Time Off Maximum Accrual
Up to 4 15 days 30 days
5-9 20 days 40 days
10 or more 25 days 50 days
Career Band Level M1 and above 25 days 50 days

Applicable to full-time and regular part-time benefits-eligible employees. If you are covered by a union plan, SCA, collective bargaining agreement or other contract, your PTO and holidays will follow the schedule outlined in your contract. PTO may be pro-rated based on hours worked and years of service. Building Construction employees can carry over up to 80 hours per year.