If you want to live healthier, completing the online health assessment can show you how to go from good to better by:

  • Identifying personal health strengths and risks, and
  • Suggesting ways to establish healthy habits and increase your overall well-being.

You have the power to influence how well you are, and the online health assessment is a great first step.

  1. It helps you measure your progress and set personal wellness goals. Your personalized health summary points out what you’re doing right and identifies areas for improvement. Use the results each year to track your health over time.
  2. It can help you decide which other wellness activities might benefit you most. Wellness at AECOM gives you tools and resources to improve your diet, manage stress, boost financial fitness — even get a better night’s sleep — and much more. For help on how to reach your wellness objectives, call a StayWell Health Advisor at 800.493.5980 and review your results (worth an additional 10 wellness points).
  3. It gives you something to discuss with your doctor. Share your results during your annual exam, and work with your physician to review concerns and set health targets.
  4. It’s free and easy to complete. Available on the StayWell wellness website, the health assessment costs you nothing other than 15 or so minutes of your time.
  5. You’ll be on your way to earning wellness rewards. Points for other wellness activities won’t show up on your MY PROGRESS tracker until you complete the health assessment.

Log in to the wellness website to complete the online health assessment. Complete it by March 31 to receive 10 extra “early bird” wellness points — for a total of 25 wellness points. After March 31, you earn 15 wellness points when you complete it by August 30, 2019.

* When you log in to your personalized benefits account, you will automatically be logged in to the wellness website where you can see your personal information and record your activities. After login, select the Wellness at AECOM tile.
** Log in to the wellness website directly.