Reduce and manage your student loan debt with Gradifi — our college financial planning, student loan refinancing and counseling service. 

All employees, their spouses/domestic partners and other adult family members can access this benefit at any time.

Refinance your student loan(s) with Gradifi by June 30, 2019, to receive a $500 refinancing bonus.


  • Gradifi offers special student loan refinancing options and rates through leading lenders, including First Republic and LendKey banks, allowing you to consolidate payments and lower your student loan payments and interest rates.
  • Gradifi’s digital resource center has college financial planning calculators, articles and other useful tools to help you plan for future college costs. You can also find additional financial well-being resources to help you learn you learn financial basics, understand the concept of financial responsibility, plan for various milestones, find budgeting tools and plan for retirement.
  • Gradifi also gives you access to college financial planning and student loan counselors through American Student Assistance® (ASA), a national nonprofit group dedicated to helping people make decisions about their higher education expenses. They can help you understand your options and create a personalized strategy for:
    • Planning and paying for college
    • Repaying private and federal student loans
    • Postponing, forgiving and discharging student loans
    • Consolidating and refinancing student loans.

How it Works

  • Once you register with Gradifi, you can see your refinancing options and begin the refinancing process with the lender of your choice. Alternatively, you can contact Gradifi at 844.472.3434 or email Be sure to have your outstanding student loan debt information on hand, if applicable. 
  • After registering, you can sign in to access all the resources in Gradifi’s digital resource center, mentioned above.
  • You can also contact American Student Assistance (ASA) for financial planning and counseling assistance at 844.248.3447 or by email at


There is no cost to you to use any of the Gradifi services. However, you are responsible for fees associated with any loan refinancing options you select.