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Alight Mobile App

Download the NEW app for your personalized benefits account

Accessing your personalized benefits account just got easier with the new Alight Mobile app. Download the app to your smartphone and have all your personalized benefits information with you on the go, anytime and anywhere.

Already have an Alight app on your phone? If you have already downloaded an Alight app called UPoint, you should delete that app (which is being discontinued) and download the new app, Alight Mobile.

With this new app, you can:

  • Find your personalized health care and other benefits information, including which plans you’re enrolled in and how your coverage works, on the go.
  • Have your digital medical, dental and vision plan ID cards on your phone.
  • Find in-network doctors, pharmacies, urgent care clinics and other health care providers nearby wherever you are.
  • Choose your benefits during Benefits Open Enrollment. (The 2022 Benefits Open Enrollment is coming up, so download and set up the app now so you’re ready to go.)

How to download the Alight Mobile app

  • Use the links at right to download the app.
  • Enter AECOM as your employer when prompted.
  • Set up your app using the same user ID and password you use to access your personalized benefits account through Alight at myAECOMbenefits.com. If you don’t have an account, register as a “new user” with the last four digits of your Social Security number and birth date.

Your spouse/domestic partner can also download the Alight Mobile app, but the employee must enable shared access.